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So, What is Break the Block?

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Hello, and welcome to our humble little blog about writing. Well, hopefully it won’t be humble or little for very long – we’ve got big plans for this place – but for now we’re just getting started. And what better way to do so than by telling you what our blog is, what it’s all about, and whom it’s for?

What this blog is (and isn’t)

This blog is a collaboration between two beginning authors who just happen to be best friends of 20 years (more about us later in the week). It’s a mix of inspiration, education, and information for beginning writers like us. It’s a resource, a community, and a support system for ourselves and our readers.

What it is NOT is a school where we are the experts and you, the readers, are the students. We are learning the art, craft, science, and business of the fiction industry right alongside you. As we gain insights, we will share them here, and we will invite you to do the same. It is also NOT headquarters for the Grammar Police. Just because we proclaim ourselves authors does not mean that we have perfected – nor want to perfect – the Oxford comma. We believe in twisting the rules a bit, and we encourage you to feel free to as well.

What it’s all about

Jakki and I wanted a place to curate and compile all the learning we’ve been doing in the past year and half. So here you’ll find posts that hopefully inspire you to write more and to challenge your ideas about writing fiction. You’ll also find posts sharing information that we feel has been genuinely instructive in some way – from basic story structure to following (and knowing when not to follow) common tropes in a genre. Finally, we’ll also be sharing our own writing with you, small bits at a time, and inviting you to share with us as well.

Whom it’s for

The ideal reader of this blog is someone who has a true passion for writing, but doesn’t take him- or herself too seriously. Someone who is seeking to learn about the craft and industry in a relaxed, casual way and won’t mind the occasional bit of snark or silliness you might find here. As mentioned earlier, if you’re a Deputy Grammar Sheriff, you might not want to hang around here for very long (although you’re more than welcome) – as we love our ellipses, dashes, and parentheses. We’re just a couple of aspiring authors looking to connect with and inspire others to join us on the journey to  world domination becoming published writers.

So that’s it! Come back tomorrow to learn more about the names behind the Block. Until then, keep telling yourself, “I can do this!”

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