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Monday Mojo

Monday Mojo

Happy Monday!  I’m so excited.  I got much writing done this weekend.  I mostly attribute that to a book I bought, “The Plot Whisperer”. I also picked up the workbook and writing prompt book.    I highly recommend all of them but especially the prompt book.  It gives a different prompt every day but they aren’t random prompts the are specifically for using in your novel in progress.   The prompts are set up to keep the story flowing.   It also has a time and word count tracking section on each prompt page.   If you would like to recommend a book that helps you, feel free to do so in the comments.

My work in progress (wip) is a novel I’m writing with my bestie, who just happens to be Lisa the other administrator on this page.   It’s the first time either of us have tried a collaborative story but I like the way it’s going so far.  We have totally different writing styles so it’s going to be interesting to say the least.  There have not been too many disagreements on story direction yet.  We agreed on a tie breaking mediator in case this happens.  As of yet we’ve not needed to contact her.  We will agree with her decisions, no ifs, ands, or buts.   Comment if this is an idea you’d consider with a friend.

Since it’s summer, I thought I’d include a fun summer prompt in my post this week.  So let’s see what you can do with this:

Write a story for this prompt.  Start with “Our day at the beach started perfect ”  And end with, “And that’s why I’ll never look at peanut butter the same way.”

I hope I have inspired you on this start of the work week.   Let’s set a goal of at least 1500 words this week.  Are you in?  Leave me a comment of how many you write.  Stay inspired!

May your word count be as high as Willy Nelson on tour!

Im working on a slogan.  I don’t think that’s “The One”. Oh well, I’ll try again next week.  XOXO Jakki

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